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Julio L. Peixoto - Travel and Other Adventures

By necessity, some of the pages here are in Spanish (my native language) and some are in English (since I live in the United States). Ideally, I would like to have all pages in both languages but that is unfortunately too time consuming.

There is some overlap between my family, friends, and travel pages, also by necessity.


  • My Genographic Journey
    My ancient ancestor's migrations as seen from my DNA. (I am a participant of National Geographic's Genographic Project.)

Countries I've been (países en donde he estado)

  • Countries
    Color code (codificación de colores):
    Countries where I lived (países donde he vivido).
    Countries I visited (países que he visitado).

Cities I've visited (ciudades que he visitado)

  • Cities
    This is a my TripAdvisor external site. Will open on a different window.
    (Éste es mi sitio externo de TripAdvisor. Abre en una nueva ventana.)

St Patrick's Day Dash, 2007, 2008, & 2009

  • Garzón, Uruguay (2006).
    Diminuto pueblito de calles de tierra en el Departamento de Rocha, Uruguay. Sorpresivamente, tiene un hotel de 5 estrellas que cobra 180 dólares por persona, por día.
  • STP 2002 - Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.
    This is an external MSN site; it opens on a new browser window. There are three pages: page 1, page 2, page 3.

  • Itaipava, Brasil.
    (Sitio externo; abre en una nueva ventana.)
  • Guía de Itaipava.
    Muy buen sitio preparado por mi prima Celina, con mucha información.

  • Malaysia: travel pictures (1997) (to be constructed)

  • Singapore: travel pictures (1997) (to be constructed)


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